Equipped with a  mic, a computer, a camera, tons of talent and a driven ambition; Jamar Cochran, affectionately known as Lil Wunz to his fans and followers; has been freestyling and writing creative musical lyrics since the age of 14.  He is a charismatic Artist, a creative Writer, Producer, skilled Director, Production Manager and community philanthropist!

Lil Wunz

Lil Wunz is in the studio working on  the release of his newest mixtape , “Al Shearer: Hits from the Triple D” hosted by DJ MF Rell;  He continues to remain relevant by keeping  new, fresh music breaking in the streets and playing in the clubs!


Lil Wunz continues to mark his territory as  one of the most multi-talented Artist coming out of the south! His vast music & video catalogues include features with Fat Pimp, Lil Dec, Goody G, and Low D !   He’s mixtapes are being played in clubs across the states as he continues to gain national recognition along the way!
Lil Wunz

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About Lil Wunz

     Lil Wunz started his career at 14 years old!  He was a member and contributing writer in the hip hop group, Parkerville Zoo (PVZ)… He dropped his 1st solo project in the 11th grade entitled, I – 35 (named after the infamous Interstate 35 which runs through the Dallas, Texas neighborhood where he grew up)! To help grow his loyal fan base and consistent following; he distributed his self produced and edited CDs at school. By time Lil Wunz graduated from high school, he had dropped 3 successful mixtapes!

     While in his senior year of high school, Lil Wunz was charged with a serious felony and had to stop making music to go to work to straighten out his legal issues! One night, the late, DJ Whiz T, invited him to take the stage at Dallas’ Club Flow! Lil Wunz commanded the stage and rocked the audience with vigor, spitting to mesmerizing beats and profound lyrics! 


     The music continued to call Lil Wunz! As the music called him; he answered the call! He put together a quality in-home studio with lots of bang and sound!!! Lil Wunz put in the work and spent all of his spare time, in the studio; after working 10 -12 hour shifts!! He worked multiple jobs to provide for his family while continuing to write, produce and shoot his own music videos!! This is when he put together his team and created, “Gurrilla Bred Records!”


     Lil Wunz continued writing and producing with popular Dallas Producers; such as, Gurrilla Beats and Keise on the track! His music catalog continued to grow as he dropped Gurrilla Bred Records’ 1st solo mixtape, 24 ! Then came their 1st DJ hosted mixtape project, “Gurrilla Bred Certified” hosted by DJ Whiz T(R.I.P.).   Then came his 1st outsourced video, “Super” produced by Gurilla Beats! The mixtapes just kept coming with “Repercussion,” and “Jungle Hitz!”  Then came the video release of “Stupid Dumb” in 2013, then “Solo” in 2014!


      In 2015, Lil Wunz hosted, “Jungle Hitz 2” with Dallas’ #1 mixtape DJ; DJ D Real! Jungle Hitz 2 was filled with multiple tracks produced by Gurilla Beats and loaded with an array of videos directed by Lil Wunz! He then dropped another one with the video from, “Stunt” featuring Lil Dec! 


     Lil Wunz’ musical influences are Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, Rocko and Lil Wayne. He is swift to let you know that he finds the most inspiration and influence within himself. It all starts with the drive and passion for the music and his dedication and love for family.

Now in 2017 Lil Wunz is already promoting his NEW HIT SINGLE “RUNNING MAN”!!! It will be released on July 7th! In the words of Lil Wunz “Watch me do the RUNNING MAN, turn into the money man!” He is now being managed by Mr. Nike of ABN. Check out Lil Wunz’ entire catalogue at, spotify, iTunes, etc.